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Buying a House

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  • Guaranteed Rent

    हर महीने
    Tired of paying high commissions or managing your property?
     90 दिनों का फ्री ट्रायल
    • Fixed Guaranteed rent paid monthly
    • Void period coverage
    • Property Management (including repairs and administration)
    • Free Monthly property inspections report
    • Property data/analysis service subscription 30% discount
    • Minimum 2 years contract
    • For qualified properties only
    • Complete protection
    • Tenant referencing
    • No hidden fees
  • Property Investor and Local Partnerships

    हर महीने
    Property deals matching Your criteria: unmodernised, mixed use, cheap £/sqft, high yield, reduced
     7 दिनों का फ्री ट्रायल
    • Property Analysis and Area reports
    • Access to property development groups
    • Local landing page promotion and digital marketing support
    • Back office support: bookings and calls handling

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Buying an apartment

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