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What are the benefits of a pet-friendly property?

Deciding whether to allow pets in your rental property can be a difficult decision to make. A simple ‘no‘ may be the easiest option in most cases, but is it the best one?

Allowing tenants to have pets widens your prospective pool of paying tenants, and you can easily protect your property with a carefully worded tenancy agreement. Since so many landlords do not allow pets, you could ask for a slightly but reasonable increase in the rent, and reinforce the requirement for your property to be returned in the original state.

It’s also worth considering the reason for prospective tenants needing a pet-friendly property. For example, if the tenant needs a dog for assistance, such as a guide dog. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to pets in rental properties – however, it is worth considering what tenants a ‘pet-friendly’ property will attract and how this suits your needs. A lot of families have family pets and can often settle for long term tenancies. Something to consider!

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