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Pre-tenancy checks and why they’re so crucial

Landlords, do you have time to deal with all the crucial pre-tenancy checks, to ensure you’ve found the RIGHT tenant?

What if we could alleviate the potential stress associated with pre-tenancy checks, and remove it from your hands completely?


As letting agents, we filter out any tenants who have serious adverse credit/ history, low affordability, and a history of anti-social behaviour.

In recent years, it has become apparent that these tenants favour listing websites to find somewhere to live, as they know private landlords will not necessarily have the ability to reference them in the same in-depth manner that a letting agent will. With that in mind, we want to stress the importance of avoiding ‘said’ websites to advertise your property. In our experience, well behaved, long-staying tenants are willing to proceed with pre-tenancy checks.

You may be thinking, why pay more and leave this to a letting agent? 

It’s simple; we do this day in, day out. Our teams are highly experienced and know how to spot a potential problem before it becomes an issue. We genuinely want to find you reliable, paying, and long-staying tenants, who will look after your property for the long-term. It’s in our interests, as well as yours. After all, a bad tenant could lead to unexpected costs and more of your time in the long run, which is anything but ‘stress-free’.

Finally, consider what is more valuable to you. A few hundred pounds at the start of a tenancy, or a few thousand pounds resolving issues later down the line?

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