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5 reasons why your home should be energy efficient in 2018

It’s easier than ever to improve the energy efficiency level in your home in 2018, and ideas which were once the scope of Tomorrow’s World are now in our local DIY stores and very easy to incorporate into your home. While there may be an outlay at first, any energy efficiency installation should result in utility bills being reduced down, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

1) An energy efficient home uses less energy

It’s easy to unwittingly use energy. Maybe you’ve left the TV on while you nip out to the garden to bring in the washing, or forgotten to switch off the lights when you leave a room. Be more proactive by switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, or turning off devices rather than leaving them on standby. Take a look around you now – how could you cut down on your energy usage? Cutting down means lower bills, which means more money in your pocket – who doesn’t want that?

2) An energy efficient home keeps you warm

An energy efficient home is one where heat stays within the four walls, benefitting the residents of your home and nobody else. Draught proof doors and windows, or invest in new double or triple glazed windows if yours were installed before 2002 when the FENSA standards came into force. If it’s not an option, look into adding weatherstrip tape to your existing windows and doors, to ensure a tight seal which stops cold air getting in.

3) An energy efficient home makes a home appealing to future buyers

When the time comes to sell your home, it’s unlikely that there will be a buyer who doesn’t want to save money. Buyers are starting to realise that energy efficient homes offer real benefits. If you’ve had solar panels or high-efficiency glazing installed, your buyer will know their bills will be lower, leaving them more money to offer you. Who wouldn’t want energy efficiency in a new home?

4) An energy efficient home should require less maintenance

Modern technologies have benefitted from research and rigorous testing to keep them going. A properly efficient home, constructed with durable eco-friendly materials, should require less maintenance over the years, meaning it has a vastly extended lifespan, with fewer maintenance costs for you.

5) An energy efficient home is future proof

Being energy efficient today keeps you one step ahead for the future. The next big thing for energy efficiency this year will probably be commonplace in a few years, so while others are playing catch up, you’ll be a seasoned professional, who’s been making use of your installation for years before the crowd catch up.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to be more energy efficient, with this year’s World Environment Day coming up on June 5th, there’s never been a better time to up your eco credentials and reduce your carbon footprint with a more energy efficient home. Start small, or go large. It doesn’t have to cost a lot in order to make big savings.

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