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What is a sales progressor?

What is a sales progressor?
What is a sales progressor? - WorkTravel Agency

In this blog, you will find an in-depth look at the role of a sales progressor, and why they are so important. We’ve written this blog to shine a spotlight on this vital, yet sometimes forgotten, role and to explain why our team of dedicated sales progressors are so paramount to property sales here at Richard James.

so, what is a sales progressor?

In short, a sales progressor is someone who takes on the task of moving a property sale through to exchange of contracts and completion, once an offer is accepted. 

A sales progressor will liaise with both the buyer and seller, solicitors instructed for each party, mortgage brokers and other parties related to a sale. If there is a chain involved, they will communicate with all other estate agents involved, too. In this case, the solicitors will be unable to exchange contracts until all parties within a chain are ready, so having a sales progressor on hand to communicate, is vital. With a sales progressor on hand to speed up the process, proactively managing the sale of a property on a case-by-case basis, the journey from offer acceptance to exchange of contracts happens effectively.

Sales progressors also provide essential support and back up to the sales team, ensuring the sales pipeline progresses efficiently.

What is a sales progressor?
What is a sales progressor? - WorkTravel Agency

why are they so important?

  1. A sales progressor will stand by your side throughout the whole process, acting as a guide/dedicated point of contact to alleviate stress, worry or doubt.

  2. They are incredibly knowledgeable, and most sales progressors will have been through this process themselves – which means they understand the process well, due to their first-hand experience and professional experience. 

  3. They are there to guide you through this process, which is particularly beneficial to first-time buyers, and those who may be unfamiliar with legal/conveyancing terminology used by the solicitors.

  4. They can resolve any ad-hoc/minor queries that don’t necessarily need to go through the solicitors, allowing the solicitors to focus on more complex, legal enquiries.

  5. They aim to shorten the period between offer acceptance and exchange of contracts, where possible, by continually monitoring progress and providing regular updates to buyers and sellers.

  6. They are a key link as they communicate between all parties, lessening the chance of crossed wires (which is a common cause of delay when buying/selling a house).

  7. They have visibility of the chain at all times and have good working relationships with a lot of solicitors, allowing for mutually agreeable outcomes where required.

  8. Without a sales progressor, things may get left to the last minute, increasing the chance of someone withdrawing from a sale. This could ultimately result in weeks/months of work for a purchase or sale, ending up ‘down the drain’ and a very, unhappy client.

what is the difference between a sales progressor and a sales agent?

Essentially, a sales agent (or negotiator at Richard James) takes you on your buying/selling journey up until the offer is accepted and will be there to hand over/collect the keys on your move-in/out day. They will also touch base with you throughout the process, to ensure it is running smoothly, and are always at the other end of the phone if needed.

Once an offer is accepted, a sales progressor will be with you throughout the conveyancing process, answering any queries or concerns you may have along the way. They will guide you through the sale or purchase of a property and resolve any conflict/negotiate with other parties on your behalf.

What is a sales progressor?
What is a sales progressor? - WorkTravel Agency

Here at Work Travel Agency, we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated sales progressors, which is a real bonus! Many estate agents work without these vital roles, but we believe they are highly beneficial, not only to our business but also for our valued clients.

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