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Welsh Government Says Landlords Should Pay Letting Agent Fees

Despite many landlords claiming they will have no choice but to hike rents if they become responsible for paying letting agent fees, the Welsh Government has produced a report that says there is no reason why landlords shouldn’t be responsible for paying letting agent fees up front.

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Government Consultation

The Welsh Government launched a consultation in July, to find out whether banning letting agent fees for landlords was justified. The consultation will look at what fees are charged, how much, and what the consequences will be if letting agent fees for landlords are banned.

No Compelling Evidence

Based on preliminary findings, the government says there is no compelling evidence to say a ban on fees is justified, as letting agents are doing a job a landlord would have to do themselves if they didn’t hire a letting agent to market and manage their property.

A Valuable Service

Landlords are not obliged to use a letting agent to market or manage their properties, but many landlords sign up to the service. Letting agents carry out a number of tasks for landlords, including marketing the property and vetting potential tenants.

“Inventories and tenancy agreements do protect both parties from false accusations, but it is soon to be a legal obligation on the landlord to provide a tenancy agreement, and therefore it is a service to the landlord to do this job for them,” claims the report.

If you have any comments to make on the subject, the deadline for feedback is 27 September 2017.

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