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Wandsworth Landlord Tagged and Fined for Illegal Eviction of Tenant

A London landlord has been heavily fined and fitted with electronic tags after being found guilty of a sustained campaign of harassment of his tenant, a single mother and her young son.

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Tenant Complained about Damp and Leaks

The landlord took exception when the tenant complained about damp and leaks in the flat. He refused to answer her calls about the issue, so she withheld rent in an attempt to make him take action. Wandsworth housing department stepped in and negotiated with the landlord for repairs to be made in return for the rent arrears being sorted out. Instead, the landlord paid someone to go to the property and remove the fuse box and gas meter.

Forced into Temporary Accommodation

The tenant was forced into temporary accommodation and when she tried to return to collect her stuff, she found the landlord had changed all the locks and she couldn’t collect any of her personal belongings.

The landlord was subsequently found guilty of two charges under the Protection from Eviction Act, subjected to a curfew order, and ordered to pay £5,000 in costs and compensation.

Unforgivable Campaign of Harassment

When interviewed after the trial had ended, a Wandsworth council housing official told reporters: “These men waged a disgraceful and unforgivable campaign of harassment against this mother and her son.”

The tenant and her son had to live in temporary accommodation for a year, but they have since been rehoused by the council.

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