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Theresa May Targets Landlords in the Tory Manifesto

The Tory manifesto has been published and in the raft of measures designed to tempt the voters, Theresa May has vowed to end unfair leaseholds and help ordinary families who are struggling with the high cost of living.

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Helping Renters

The manifesto includes a section to help out renters and increase the security of ‘good’ tenants and ending unfair leaseholds. Other Tory manifesto measures include scrapping Winter Fuel Payments for certain pensioners, guaranteeing OAP’s with assets less than £100k won’t have to pay for care fees, and tougher immigration rules.

Theresa May’s decision to launch the Tory manifesto in a Yorkshire marginal Labour seat indicates her willingness to take the fight right into the traditional Labour heartland of working-class people.

Government White Paper

Theresa May vowed to deliver help to people living in the private rental sector back in February, too. In a white paper published by Theresa May’s government, she promised to do more to help Britain’s struggling tenants. Acknowledging that the current system was broken, Theresa May promised her government would deliver more affordable housing and more secure tenancy agreements. She also promised to tackle the scourge of rogue landlords and un-affordable housing.

Ministers announced they would ensure a proportion of all new homes would be allocated to the rental sector rather than designated as affordable homes for sale. The government also promised to provide secure three-year tenancies and tougher measures against landlords letting out sub-standard rental properties.


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