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Theresa May Calls Snap Election

In news that took everyone by surprise, Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap election and in six weeks’ time, the nation will be heading to the polls once again to decide which party is going to guide the UK through Brexit negotiations.

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The campaign to woo the voters has already begun, with Theresa May kicking off her tour in Bolton, Lancashire. However, although there are numerous issues at stake, not least a renewed threat from the Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP to hold another Scottish referendum vote, the Residential Landlords Association is urging all political parties to pay close attention to housing policies.

Election Issues

Brexit is on most people’s mind right now, but housing is a real issue for many people in the UK. Millions of families are trapped in the private rental sector because they can’t afford to buy and unfortunately, a minority of landlords take advantage of this situation.

“Over recent years, the private rental market has been hit by tax hikes, benefit cuts and growing regulations all of which are making it more difficult for tenants to access and afford a place to live”, says the RLA.

Support Landlords Says RLA

The government has done little to encourage landlords to provide affordable housing, even though landlords provide a valuable service by plugging the gap in the affordable housing market. The RLA believes the government needs to invest more in new housing to provide a housing market that works for landlords and tenants alike.


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