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The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Property Management Software Package

Managing a property rental portfolio is tough enough in the present climate without having a host of administrative issues keeping you awake at night. A property management software package can help make your life easier, by streamlining the administrative burden of running your portfolio, and by ensuring you don’t forget to do anything important – like organise a boiler service or protect a deposit. However, with so many landlord software packages to choose from, is a cloud-based software solution right for you?

Technology and the Cloud

Rental property management software has been around for many years, but the features on offer have become more sophisticated in recent times. Technology moves continually moves forwards, so a cloud-based system is definitely worth considering. Many modern software solutions are now cloud based. This offers numerous advantages to users.

Regular Software Updates

Software run on a cloud-based platform is continually updated, so you need never worry about using an old and out-of-date system. A cloud-based system is also better from a data storage perspective, as your information can’t be inadvertently deleted if your computer hard-drive should suddenly fail.

Data Security

Data security is a major issue for landlords, especially if you keep a record of your data and your tenants’ personal and banking information. Many high-profile data breaches have hit the headlines in recent years, so you need to know your personal data, as well as your tenants’ data, is safe at all times. The best way to ensure you are not at risk is by using a software system from a reputable provider.

Full Access, Anytime, Anywhere

The advantage of using a cloud-based rental software package is that you can access your information from different devices. This is very useful if you regularly spend time away from your office. For example, you probably work at home using a PC or laptop, but away from the office, log-in to your cloud software system via a tablet. For a professional landlord with a large portfolio of properties, any-time access is a major bonus.

Before you sign up for any cloud-based property mgmt software solution, read reviews and find out a bit more about the various features on offer. A reputable provider won’t mind you asking lots of questions. It is also worth asking for a trial, to make sure you find the software interface easy to use.


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