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Tenants Think Landlords Should Pay for Property Damage

As a responsible landlord, you probably spend quite a lot of time and effort making your rental properties comfortable and reasonably attractive to tenants. This might involve fitting new carpets when the old ones wear out and replacing an out-dated kitchen with a shiny new one.

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Granted you are not going to fit top-of-the range items unless you are hoping to attract premier league footballers, but nevertheless, there will be a reasonable investment.

Tenants Don’t Respect Properties Tenants don’t always have the same respect for rental properties as they would a home they owned. This means that far and away the most disputes at the end of a tenancy relate to property damage. Since the tenant is usually the one to have caused the damage, it is only reasonable to expect them to cough up the necessary to pay for the damage to be rectified, but according to a survey carried out by an online letting agent, more than 90% of tenants feel that their landlord should foot the bill for property damage. A further 72% of tenants surveyed also revealed that they had ended up in a dispute with their landlord over alleged property damage.

No Sense of Responsibility “Landlords face an uphill struggle with tenant damage. Many tenants have little or no care for the property they are renting and because they don’t own it, they feel no sense of responsibility. There is a common view among tenants that it is someone else’s problem. So it is not surprising so many tenants think landlords should may for any repairs to damage they have caused.”


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