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Tenants Say Renting Offers Good Value for Money

Landlords have been blamed a lot for the steep rise in the cost of living, but although rents are clearly going up on a steady trajectory, it would seem that the majority of tenants feel they are getting

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great value for money from their rental homes.

Satisfaction Levels Amongst Tenants High The National Landlord’s Association recently surveyed tenants in an attempt to find out how satisfied they were with their rent and whether it offered good value for money. 73% of tenants surveyed by the National Landlord’s Association rated their satisfaction levels as good or very good. Most said that their rent had not gone up in the last year and that their tenancy agreement had been renewed without issue at the end of the previous fixed term. In fact only 2% said their landlord had given them notice to leave at the end of their tenancy.

“The NLA has long argued that rent levels in the UK are a consequence of a market economy, with the determining factor at present being a chronic under-supply of affordable housing, compounded by lethargic efforts on the part of Government to foster more construction.”


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