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Students Wreck Rental Accommodation

Student landlords with properties in an upmarket area of Manchester had a bit of a shock when their student tenants went home for the summer after exams had finished.

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A Real Mess The estate agent went to check on the properties and found destruction and mess everywhere. Broken bed frames, gaping holes in the walls, food detritus over every conceivable surface – in one house the tenants had even removed one of the internal doors and used it as a makeshift coffee table.

‘Some of the states the properties have been left in are unbelievable,’ Nigel Loughtman of Tiger Property said.

‘We try to talk to tenants and make sure they understand about returning the property in the state they found it to get their full deposit back but it doesn’t always happen.’

Clean Up Crews Needed for Student Homes As well as paying a deposit, students were also charged a £70 clean-up fee to cover the cost of the in-house clean-up crew. However, in this instance it seems unlikely that the £70 would cover the cost of cleaning up these properties and the students would definitely not be getting their deposits back!

However, the agent reported that although the houses were in a terrible state, he had heard of worse.

‘A friend told me three or four years ago that a room inspection found one bedroom had all the furniture removed and instead there was a large inflatable swimming pool which filled the room,’ he said.

‘It was full and someone had painted a beach scene on the wall and they were throwing pool parties. If that had burst, his room would have been flooded with thousands of litres of water.’


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