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Selective Licensing Scheme Planned for Brent Landlords

Brent Council in London is considering whether to introduce a selective licensing scheme for private landlords. The cabinet is meeting next week to discuss proposals for the new licensing scheme and if the scheme is approved, it will be introduced into three wards initially (Willesden Green,

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Harlesden, and Wembley Central). If this trial is successful, a wider scheme would come into effect next year.

The council believes that introducing a selective licensing scheme in the borough is a good thing, as it will help to tackle the problem rogue landlords and drive up living standards for tenants.

Shelter Approves of the Plan to Introduce Selective Licensing in Brent Roger Harding from the homeless charity, Shelter, also thinks the introduction of such a scheme is a good idea:

“With a third of privately rented properties failing to meet the government’s own standards for decent homes, it’s really good to see that Brent Council is looking at ways to make living conditions better for the thousands of private renters across Brent.

“We hear from people every day who say their health has been affected by rogue landlords failing to carry out repairs, and yet we found that one in nine renters in London have avoided asking their landlord to improve conditions for fear of being evicted.”

Landlord Licenses Available Soon Licenses will cost £350 for a five-year period. If the scheme is approved, Landlords will be able to apply for their licences from the beginning of November.

Councillor Margaret McLennan, Brent Council’s lead member for housing, says:

“Reputable landlords will benefit from the changes as having a license will show tenants and prospective tenants that their properties are of a good standard.”


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