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Rent Smart Wales Offer Free Course on Fire Safety

A fire extinguisher

Landlords are being invited to brush up on their fire safety skills via a free online voluntary course. The course aims to boost landlords’ knowledge of key fire safety issues and make them fully aware of their legal obligations.

The course is being offered through the Rent Smart Wales (RSW) scheme and will be available to landlords in three Welsh fire authorities.

Grenfell Disaster

Fire safety is a big issue in the aftermath of the Grenfell Fire disaster where 72 people lost their lives on June 14 last year. This free course is designed to help landlords keep their tenants and properties safe from deadly fires. It will provide more in-depth training than basic courses already offered to landlords. Topics will include electrical and gas safety, furniture and furnishings safety, landlord duties, and fire safety. There will also be information about HMOs, including how to carry our fire safety risk assessments.

“It’s so important that everyone is aware of their fire safety responsibilities – we all have a role to play in keeping our communities safe,” says Paul Scott from North Wales Fire Safety and Rescue Service.

“By supporting the development of this free and easy to access course we hope that landlords will take the time to learn more about how to provide the safest level of accommodation possible, in turn helping to protect the residents of our region.”

Continuous Professional Development

Landlords will be assessed at the end of the course. A ‘pass’ can be added to their Continuous Professional Development record.

If you need an easy way to manage all of your safety certificates in one place, our software is perfect for you:

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