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Questions to Ask on a Viewing (Buying)

Last month we looked at the questions you should ask if you want to rent a property. This time we are looking at the questions to ask if you are buying a property.

As with renting, it is important to ask as many questions as possible and not to become over excited by the initial appearance of the property.  When you buy a property you will be making possibly one of the biggest financial decisions of your life so it is vital that you find out all you can and ensure the property will be the right place for you.

Here are some suggestions of questions you might want to ask if you’re buying a property:

Find out about the vendor

  1. Why are they selling?

  2. How long have they lived in the property?

  3. Have they already found somewhere else to live?

Find out about the neighbourhood

  1. What is the area like to live in?

  2. What facilities are nearby?

  3. What are the neighbours like?

Do some research and find out what similar properties in the area are selling for, then ask

  1. What offers have they had?

  2. What is the lowest amount they would sell for?

Find out about the running costs of the property

  1. What is the council tax band?

  2. Are there any additional service charges or ground rent on the property? If so, how much are they?

  3. What is the energy efficiency rating of the property?

  4. What are the average costs per month of the utility bills?

Find out about the workings around the home

  1. How is the pressure in the shower?

  2. Do the windows lock?

  3. Are all of the sockets and taps working?

  4. Is there a TV aerial and phone socket?

  5. When was the electric last rewired?

Find out about the heating system

  1. What type of boiler heats the house?

  2. Are all the radiators working?

  3. How old is the boiler?

  4. Is there a guarantee for the boiler?

Finally always look for signs of damp and ask

  1. Have there been any problems with damp?

  2. How old are the drains and guttering?

For more advice on buying a property contact your local Home Estate Agents office.

URMSTON: 01617471177       STRETFORD: 01618713939      MONTON: 01617898383


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