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NLA Wants Tax Relief for Landlords in Flood Zones

Extensive flooding has blighted large swathes of the UK in the last couple of weeks and millions of homes have been left underwater after an unprecedented spell of horrendous weather. As a result of the devastation, the National Landlords Association (NLA) is calling for the government to

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extend its 100% tax relief on Business Rates to landlords affected by the recent flooding.

Government Announcement The call from the NLA comes as a result of David Cameron’s announcement this week that businesses affected by the recent floods will be eligible for Business Rate relief as part of a larger package of financial help and other measures designed to assist flood hit communities.

Landlords may not pay Business Rates, but they do have to pay Council Tax, even when their property is empty. As such, the NLA believes that the government should offer landlords tax relief on their Council Tax payments.

NLA Statement Richard Lambert, NLA Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Landlords’ properties are their business. If flooding makes them uninhabitable, they will face loss of income on top of the costs of repair and renovation. In many areas, they may also face having to pay Council Tax as well, as councils have dropped the discounts and exemptions which used to apply to unoccupied property. The NLA is asking the Government to extend its assistance to all those hit by these devastating floods by providing a period of exemption from Council Tax.”

This request by the NLA comes at the same time as growing concern that landlords will end up excluded from the government’s Flood Re—current proposals mean that landlords won’t be able to benefit from the not-for-profit flood insurance scheme.


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