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NLA Challenges Sadiq Khan

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A Lack of Affordable Housing in London One in four households in London is living in private rental accommodation. The majority of people living and working in London cannot afford to buy a home, so private landlords offer a lifeline to those who need a home. Without this support, many people wouldn’t be able to live in the capital, which would affect businesses and public services, as jobs would remain empty.

Crackdown on Rogue Landlords The NLA is calling for the Mayor of London to help crackdown on criminal landlords operating in the city. A statement issued by Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA, says:

“The NLA welcomes the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London and looks forward to meeting him to discuss the crisis facing many Londoners seeking affordable, high quality accommodation.

“We urge the new Mayor to take a fresh approach to housing in London by working with the NLA and private landlords to meet the challenge of housing in a global 21st century city.

“Instead of wasting millions of pounds on a bureaucratic London-wide licensing scheme, which criminals will not sign up to, the Mayor should use the budget at his disposal to fund enforcement across the Capital.

“This would demonstrate that Mr Khan is genuinely committed to action and partnership rather than unwelcome and unhelpful adversarial politics”.


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