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NLA Celebrates Licensing Scheme Victory

The National Landlords Association (NLA) is celebrating today after Milton Keynes City Council abandoned its plans for a Selective Licensing scheme across the length and breadth of the city. The council has apparently decided that the introduction of a selective licensing scheme will do nothing to solve the issues of anti-social behaviour and poor housing standards in the city. Milton Keynes City Council has also agreed to reduce the cost of an HMO license from £800 to £300.

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“This is fantastic news for landlords in Milton Keynes and we thank all those involved in reaching this conclusion,” said Richard Lambert, CEO at the NLA.

National Landlords Association Leads the Fight Against Selective Licensing The NLA has been at the forefront of the fight against Selective Licensing for months. It launched a social media campaign and has been organising meetings with local authorities in an attempt to make them see that Selective Licensing is not the answer. Whilst it is not against Selective Licensing in general, it believes it is a tool that should only be used in moderation. It argues that poor housing standards and other common problems seen in the private rental sector are better tackled using existing powers and a more proactive stance.

Promoting Best Practice Despite the difference of opinion over Selective Licensing, the NLA stresses that it is keen to work with Milton Keynes City Council in its efforts to improve housing standards in the area; they are committed to encouraging co-operation and communication between the council and landlords in the private rental sector.


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