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New Rogue Landlord Hub for Manchester

The mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, is setting up a Rogue Landlord Hub in Manchester. The scheme is being funded by a £128k grant from the government. The Rogue Landlord Hub was first announced at the RLA’s Future renting North conference in the region last year. Other schemes, including an ethical lettings agency, are also in the pipeline, as part of the mayor’s plans to clean up the rental sector in the Greater Manchester area.

Bringing Rogue Landlords to Task

“The majority of landlords in Greater Manchester provide decent homes and abide the law, but with this funding, Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) will be able to more easily bring negligent landlords to task,” said the mayor.

“The establishment of this hub is just the starting point for a wave of activity we’re planning to improve Greater Manchester’s private renting offer – for both tenants and landlords.”

The mayor believes the establishment of a rogue landlord hub will help to drive disreputable landlords from the city. He’s also keen to stop no-fault evictions, which he thinks will go a long way to protecting vulnerable tenants from the threat of homelessness.

How the Rogue Landlord Hub Works

The Rogue Landlord Hub will operate for a three-month trial period. It will provide training for frontline housing officers, improve information sharing across the city, and provide information for landlords and tenants to improve best practices in the private rental sector. In addition, the hub will be at the forefront of a communications campaign that will target landlords and tenants in the Greater Manchester area.

One of the schemes first tasks will be to promote and enforce the Fitness for Human Habitation Act, which came into force on March 20. This gives tenants the power to take landlords to court over unsafe housing. You can read the RLA’s guide for landlords here.

Data gleaned from the three-month trial period will be used to shape future initiatives.

The RLA is pleased the mayor is implementing such an initiative.

RLA Expresses Concerns

“Mr Burnham recognises that the vast majority of landlords in Greater Manchester are doing a good job – but there is a criminal minority giving the sector a bad name that we agree needs to be rooted out.”

However, they have expressed concern that a three-month trial period is not enough to remove rogue landlords from the private rental sector. The RLA is calling for a long-term commitment to rogue landlord enforcement, as this is more likely to lead to long-term positive improvement.

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