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New Collective Housing Scheme for Young Professionals in London

London is the most expensive place in the UK to rent a home. It costs, on average, anywhere from £1,300 to £2,200 to rent a studio or one-bed flat in the capital. For graduates and young professionals in entry level jobs, this is completely unaffordable, so their only option is to live in a flat-share.

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Not everyone wants to share with a group of strangers – and who can blame them?

Shared Studio Flats Developers have now come up with an alternative in the form of shared ‘twodios’. These are small two-bed apartments with a shared kitchen and bathroom, plus access to communal living areas that includes laundry rooms, a library, a games room, and a rooftop terrace, and even large dining rooms for tenants who want to entertain guests. The apartments will cost £1,000 per month, but this includes cleaning, linen and bills.

If you think the development sounds a lot like university digs, you would be right, but unlike halls of residence, this new twodio development in west London is a lot more upmarket and the scheme owners are promising to evict anyone who doesn’t keep their shared living space clean.

Housing Collective The housing collective scheme is pretty flexible for tenants in that short-term leases are available, so many of the people moving in next week have only signed leases for the summer. However, longer term leases are on offer.

For many young people, this will be the only accommodation they can afford in London, other than a flat-share.


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