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National Home Improvement Month

April is National Home Improvement Month and homeowners up and down the country are being challenged to see how they can change their properties for the better.

If you’re selling your home now or in the near the future, some carefully carried out home improvements that won’t cost too much, could help you to achieve a higher sale price.

To celebrate Home Improvement Month, The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has compiled a list of some of the simplest improvements which can add value to a home.

A clean sweep

A thorough clean of your home is essential to get your home looking its best.

Create space

Have some fun rearranging your rooms to create more space and get rid of the clutter.

Small changes

A full refurb of the kitchen or bathroom is too costly but small changes like repainting walls or replacing shelves/cupboards can give a room a facelift.

Finish odd jobs

Now is the time to finish all those odd jobs that you have been meaning to do. All the little things that you just put up with, like loose door handles, cracks in the ceiling, will be noticed by an ‘eagle-eyed’ buyer.

Window glazing

Many home buyers expect windows to be double -glazed. If you have some windows that aren’t double-glazed it could be cost effective to get them done before the property goes on the market.

Tidy the garden

A garden is a great asset when selling a property, if it looks good. Now the weather is improving get outside and tidy up. Mow the lawn, plant some bedding plants for colour, and repaint the decking.

Think green

Energy efficient homes are going to become even more valuable as time goes on. If your boiler is on its ‘last legs’ it may be advantageous to change it for a more energy efficient one before putting your property on the market. Insulation and double glazing will also improve the energy efficiency of your home and increase its value.

Carrying out small improvements without spending too much money, could help you to attract more viewings and subsequently receive more offers.

For more advice on preparing your home to sell, call your local Home Estate Agents office.

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