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London Mayor to Include Fire Safety Breaches in Rogue Landlord Database

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed that any legal cases pursued by the London Fire Brigade (LFB) would now be included in the Rogue Landlord’s database. This confirmation came in response to a query during a Mayor’s Questions session last week.

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Sadiq Khan’s Landlord Database

Previously, Mr Khan told the press that only legal action brought by local authorities would cause a landlord to end up in the database, but this has now been widened to include action taken by the LFB.

Lib Dem MP, Caroline Pidgeon, who is a member of the London Assembly, has welcomed the announcement by Mr Khan.

“It is long overdue that tenants and prospective tenants can find out about landlords,” she says. “Such information will be vital to allow people to find a safe and secure home and avoid the exploitation from rogue landlords.”

Fire Safety Critical for Tenant Safety

Fire safety is an important issue for tenants. Smoke detectors and CO alarms save lives, but not all landlords bother to install such basic fire prevention equipment. Houses in multiple-occupation are most at risk because multiple rooms over several floors are occupied by tenants.

In a recent case, a rogue landlord in Kensington squashed 18 tenants into one flat by sub-dividing the rooms using plasterboard. The flat had no smoke detectors, fire doors, or alarms. There were electrical cables running everywhere and it was a disaster waiting to happen. The landlord was fined £150k.


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