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Liverpool Landlords Warned to Prepare for New HMO Rules

Warning tape

New HMO rules come into effect on 1 October and landlords are being warned to pay close attention, to ensure they don’t fall foul of the regulations. Landlords who fail to comply with the new rules could end up paying a hefty fine to the tune of £30k. They could also be prosecuted.

Changes to HMO Classification

The changes relate to how HMOs are classified. There are also new regulations relating to room sizes and provisions for waste disposal. Right now, landlords don’t need to apply for an HMO licence unless there are 5+ people forming two or more households and the house is three or more storeys.

From Monday, the height criteria will no longer apply. So, if you have five or more people forming at least two separate households in one property, you will need to apply for an HMO licence. Landlords will also need to make sure bedrooms meet the minimum size guidelines. In addition, landlords must ensure there is adequate space for tenants to store waste prior to council collection days.

Stamping Out Rogue Landlords

“The majority of landlords are decent professionals who want to provide high-quality accommodation to good tenants,” says a local law firm. “However, across the country, there has been a rise in rogue landlords housing vulnerable people in sub-standard properties, and the new rules are the government’s attempt to stamp this out.

Liverpool Council is not shy about prosecuting landlords, so take note of the changes!


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