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Landlords Must Install Smoke and CO Alarms by October 2015

Following a consultation on conditions in the private rented sector, the government has announced new measures requiring the installation of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in rented homes. They say it will help to prevent up to 36 deaths per year.

Landlords are welcoming the changes, which come into effect in October 2015.

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A New Safety Initiative Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis MP, says all rented homes must have a smoke alarm on each floor of the property, and where there is an extra risk of carbon monoxide poisoning (for example if a room has a sold fuel stove), a carbon monoxide detector also needs to be installed.

“The vast majority of landlords offer a good service and have installed smoke alarms in their homes, but I’m changing the law to ensure every tenant can be given this important protection.”

Ministers say that extra funding will be made available so that fire and rescue authorities can offer free CO and smoke alarms to local landlords.

RLA Welcomes Government Announcement The Residential Landlords Association is pleased with the government’s announcement. Alan Ward, chairman of the RLA, made the following announcement:

“The RLA has long called for a safe, legal and secure private rented sector. Today’s announcement plays a major part in meeting this goal. This is a policy that we campaigned hard for, and was a key part of the RLA’s manifesto for the private rented sector. Proposals for funding to provide free alarms to landlords are particularly welcome and I look forward to seeing the details of this.”

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