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Landlord Publishes Photos of House after Tenants from Hell Moved Out

A horrified landlord has posted a series of photos online purporting to be of his rental property after the tenants were evicted. He wants the photos to act as a warning to other landlords, and to remind them to vet any tenants before offering them a tenancy agreement.

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Squalid Living Conditions The images show mouldy cupboards, piles of cigarette ends, dog faeces all over the carpets in at least two rooms. The smell was apparently so bad it was difficult to breathe when the landlord entered the house.

“We could smell the urine and faeces through the door. I’ve no idea if it was from the animals or the humans or both,” said the landlord’s mother.

Young Family with Kids The tenants were a young couple with two small children, so it is hard to imagine how they were able to live in such squalid conditions. When they moved in, they told the landlord they had one dog, but it turned out that they had three dogs and two rats. The landlord served an eviction notice five months into a six-month tenancy, but the tenants refused to move out and the dispute went to court.

“It was extremely stressful and disrespectful. They really were the tenants from hell,” said the landlord.

Not surprisingly, the landlord is furious at how his property has been treated and he estimates the damage and legal costs amount to at least £10k.

“I have a mortgage and family of my own to provide for. They have no possessions or income so I’ll probably never get it back.”


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