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Landlord Fly-Tipper Hell

A Birmingham landlord has a nightmare clean up operation ahead after piles of rubbish were dumped outside one of his vacant properties following the departure of the tenants.

The property has become a dumping ground for local residents and the pile of black bags, pallets, food waste and general rubbish is growing by the day.

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Not only is the front of the property inaccessible, the rubbish mountain is now beginning to creep out on to the footpath.

Landlord Ordered to Deal with the Problem The Environmental Health department at Birmingham City Council were alerted when a local resident complained about the rubbish. They have ordered the landlord to deal with the problem – he has until Thursday 26th to remove it all – but they are not blaming him for the problem.

Police and environmental health officers have investigated after sifting through a lot of it; they believe they have identified where a large percentage of the rubbish originated.

Prosecutions for Fly-Tipping Councillor O’Shea has warned locals that the council will not hesitate to prosecute anyone who dumps on the street.

“The council’s environmental health team did some bag searches and have traced the rubbish to other houses so those residents will be getting a visit.

“The vast majority of residents look after their homes, they don’t rubbish or drop litter, it’s just a small number who for whatever reason decide they don’t want to live like others.”

When interviewed by the press, local residents said the rubbish had been there for at least a month. They expressed concern about rats moving in, but the landlord has removed the household waste, so a rat infestation is unlikely.


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