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How Property Management Software Quashed a £20k Landlord Fine

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A property management firm boss has had charges against him quashed thanks to the landlord software he used to run his business. The landlord had been ordered to pay more than £20k in fines and costs relating to nine HMO offences. He appealed against the ruling and when his case was examined by appeal court judges, it was thrown out. The judgement was overturned due to a lack of evidence and monies paid returned. He also had some of his legal fees refunded.

The landlord was delighted with the judgement. When asked for his comment after the case concluded, he said:

“Naturally I’m delighted that Chelmsford Crown Court has decided to dismiss all nine charges brought against me by a few individuals within the council. It has been a costly, emotionally draining, and time-consuming process for all involved.”

Legal Requirements for Landlords

He told the media that his landlord software was a critical part of his defence, as it provided vital evidence. He advised other landlords to invest in landlord software, as it is a key tool in staying on top of a landlord’s legal requirements.

Future Proof Your Business

The outcome of the case shows just how important it is to maintain robust management systems if you are managing several buy to let properties. Landlord software is designed to help you keep accurate records, liaise with service providers, and stay on top of your legal requirements. If you want to future-proof your business, investing in landlord software is the way to do it.

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