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How Many Tenants Own Up to Rental Property Damage?

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Damage is common in rental properties. Sooner or later, all landlords have to deal with damage to permanent fixtures. This can include a broken window, cracked bathroom sink, or kicked in door.

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Majority of Tenants are Honest

A survey commissioned by a property website has found that the majority of tenants are honest enough to tell their landlord if they cause damage. 24% would tell their landlord and offer to pay for the repairs. 27% would tell the landlord and wait to see if they were asked to pay something.

11% of tenants would not tell the landlord and would try to do their own DIY repairs. A further 15% wouldn’t tell the landlord, but would at least call in a professional to fix the damage. Somewhat worryingly, 11% were not sure what to do and 4% would do none of the above.

Forge a Good Relationship with Your Tenants

This is good news as it indicates more than half of tenants are honest. But, it does pay to cultivate a friendly relationship with your tenants. Accidents do happen, so it is better if your tenants feel comfortable enough to report property damage.

It is also a good idea to vet your tenants carefully before the tenancy begins.


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