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Guide to Moving House in Bad Weather

When it comes to moving, whatever time of year it is, it is vital to have an ‘essentials box’ that is easily accessible, to get you through the ‘big day’.

The essentials box should cater for everyone involved in the move and contain important documents, phones and phone chargers, snacks, everything required to make a drink, toys for the children, etc.

Of course if you are moving in the winter months it is also important to consider adding a few extra items to the ‘essentials box’ to cope with the possibility bad weather

Here are our 5 top tips for packing a winter essentials box…

  1. Kettle:

A kettle should be in any good essentials box, but particularly in the winter when a warm drink will be greatly appreciated when you arrive at your new home.

  1. Tinned and packet food:

After a long day of moving and travelling the last thing you will want to do is cook a meal and yet everyone will be hungry and cold. So, emergency ratios of tins of soup or beans that can be heated up quickly to provide an easy meal, is very useful.

  1. Clothes:

Unpredictable weather is always a problem with moves in the winter. Be prepared for torrential rain, sleet, snow or ice and make sure everyone has their gloves, scarves and hats with them when you leave and perhaps even pack the car with some spare blankets if it’s particularly cold. A change of clothes is also a good idea in case anyone gets very wet.

  1. Towels and toiletries:

One of the best ways to warm up after a long day in the cold is to have a hot shower or bath. So make sure your essentials box contains some towels and basic toiletries.

  1. Snow shovel:

It probably won’t fit in the box, but a snow shovel that is easily accessible, is an essential if snow has been forecast for your moving day. Some grit to clear pathways could also be useful.

For more advice on preparing to move house, get in touch with your local Home Estate Agents office.

URMSTON: 01617471177       STRETFORD: 01618713939      MONTON: 01617898383


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