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Five Places to Live Where You Can Commute to Manchester within 20 minutes

Living and working in the city centre isn’t for everyone. However living out of the city can make travelling a tedious daily chore. If you don’t want to live in the city centre, but also do not want to travel far to work every day, then consider moving to one of these five areas near Manchester.

Levenshulme, a suburb to the south of Manchester, has plenty to offer those who prefer to live out of the city centre. It has a bustling Saturday market and a growing cafe/bar culture. There are an abundance of traditional terraced properties for around £120,000, and larger family semi-detached houses sell for around £154,524. There are regular trains and buses from Levenshulme heading into the city centre. The 192 bus is every 5 minutes and takes around 18 minutes and the train takes just 6 minutes. Cars and cyclists travelling down the Stockport Road will have to contend with heavy traffic in the rush hour but it is still possible to drive into the city in less than 10 minutes and cycle within 18 minutes.

Sale, voted the fourth best place to live in England, is a leafy Trafford town located right on the Altrincham Metrolink line. Commuters can be in Manchester city centre in around 20 minutes on the tram. There are also a number of outstanding schools in the area which is a big ‘pull’ for commuters with children. Tram is the fastest way to commute into the city centre from Sale, but driving or cycling is possible within 30 minutes. Houses don’t come cheap in Sale but it has a huge range of properties from 100k-900k so there are homes to cater for every budget.

Prestwich, north of Manchester city centre bordering on to Heaton Park, it is one of the most ideal commuter spots. It has a developing food and drink scene and some great schools. As far as commuting is concerned a tram from Prestwich to Victoria station takes just 16 minutes. It is also possible to drive or cycle in less than 30 minutes and there are plenty of buses. As the area is increasing in popularity, house prices have risen by more than £3,000 over the last 12 months. The average house in Prestwich is currently £211,382 although it is possible to get terraced properties in the area for £155,662.

Stretford is sandwiched between super hip Chorlton and the rising star of Urmston. It has a wide variety of properties and fantastic transport links make it ideal for first time buyers. Stretford is still one of the cheapest areas in Trafford – it is possible to buy a terraced house for around £153,358. The period properties around Victoria Park and Gorse Hill are particularly increasing in popularity. Whether you use the tram, your car or cycle the city centre can be reached in about 20 minutes and there are plenty of regular bus routes.

Droylsden has benefitted hugely from the extension of the Metrolink in 2014. It means that residents can now be in the heart of Manchester in 20 minutes.  Plus it has tons of affordable housing, making the area ideal for young professionals and first time buyers. The average property in Droylsden is on the market for £132,681 but terraced houses can be snapped up for £105,583. The tram from Droylsden Metrolink to Piccadilly Train Station takes approximately 20 minutes and the buses take about 25 minutes. If you are driving it is possible to reach the city centre in 14 minutes but this may vary with rush hour traffic and it is possible to cycle into the city in 19 minutes

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