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Coventry City Council Considers Landlord Licensing Scheme

The National Landlords Association is warning that Coventry landlords will have no choice but to raise rents in the city if the council goes ahead with its plans to introduce a landlord licensing scheme.

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Scheme Planned for St Michael’s Area Coventry City Council is currently debating plans to introduce a landlord licensing scheme in the St Michaels area. Landlords with properties around Gosford Street and in the Hillfields area (outside the ring road) would have to pay £773 per property if the scheme is given the go-ahead. This is believed to affect around 3,000 rental properties. The only exceptions would be properties rented by housing associations.

Rent Rises The NLA says landlords will have no choice but to put rents up.

“Licensing schemes very often fail to provide any benefit for tenants or the community at large,” says Chris Norris, head of policy at the NLA.

“Instead licensing schemes can have the detrimental effect of increasing the cost of providing homes and pushing up rents. Ultimately it is the tenants who are likely to suffer the most as the costs of obtaining licenses are passed on to them.”

The average rent for a two-bed property in Coventry is £476 a month. If the licensing scheme goes ahead, experts say tenants would have to pay almost £65 per month extra. This would be hard for the tenants living in this deprived area.

The proposed scheme is still in the consultation period, so concerned landlords can attend the drop-in sessions at the Lord Mayor’s Hospitality Suite, Council House, Earl Street, if they want to find out more.


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