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Cannabis Farms a Growing Problem in Rental Homes

Cannabis in pot

According to Danny Zane from My Property Inventories:

“The cannabis farms are often found in rented houses, rented farm buildings and even warehouses. They can spring up anywhere there is a power supply and a roof. Landlords and agents need to be vigilant and make regular checks on their properties.”

Cannabis a Criminal Enterprise

Cannabis production is big business. Criminal gangs don’t just cultivate a few plants in a spare room. They rip out fixtures and fittings, causing huge amounts of damage to rental homes that isn’t covered by landlords insurance. Excessive amounts of electricity are also used, which is a fire risk.

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Landlords should be suspicious of tenants who offer to pay several months of rent in advance, in cash. Other warning signs include a strong, sweet smell emanating from the property, people coming and going at odd times of the day and night, and windows with curtains and blinds permanently drawn.

If you suspect your tenants may be growing cannabis in one of your properties, or the neighbours are complaining, make sure you investigate immediately. Ignorance is never a good defence if a criminal prosecution ensues.


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