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Beat the Boredom in Lockdown and Boost Your Buy-To-Let Business!

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The government says we could be stuck in lockdown until June. We all know it’s necessary and extreme social distancing does seem to be working, but let’s be honest – it’s hardly much fun. But as many others are using the time to be more productive you could follow their lead and do something useful with your time…

It makes sense to be productive while you’re stuck at home. Instead of dwelling on all the fun things you’d rather be doing, treat this as a golden opportunity to give your property business a boost.

If you want to use your time in self-imposed isolation for something useful, get to grips with Landlord Vision…

Jump Ahead of the Curve

Switching to any kind of digital software package can be a time-consuming process. There is a learning curve for one thing. You might need a bit of time to get the hang of the many powerful time and money saving features available in Landlord Vision.

Inputting your data into the software will also take some time. Especially if you want to enter data from previous tax years. Now is an excellent time to dig out all the data and add it to the software. That way, once lockdown ends – and it will at some point – all the hard work has been done and you’re good to go!

Get to Grips with the Collaborative Features of Landlord Vision

One of the best features of Landlord Vision is that it allows you to collaborate with other people. Instead of dealing with your accountant and tenants separately, you can communicate directly with them via Landlord Vision. Not only is this far easier, but it provides a handy audit trail – very useful in the event of any disputes!

Once the Covid-19 crisis is over, you’ll likely have your hands full catching up on a host of tasks, from property maintenance to marketing. Instead of wasting time dealing with accountant queries, you can invite your accountants to log in and find answers to their questions. Use the tenant module to message tenants and resolve issues. You can also send property information to contractors.

This is far more time-efficient than sending IMs and making endless phone calls.

Minimise Stress

Being caught in the middle of a global pandemic is stressful enough but many landlords are concerned about their finances, tenants losing their jobs, and more.

Landlord Vision can alleviate some of this pressure by making it easier to manage your portfolio. Once you have all your portfolio data uploaded, set reminders so you don’t forget anything important. Sync your calendar apps, automatically monitor rent payments, and let Landlord Vision do the heavy lifting while you concentrate on more important things – like hunting down loo rolls.

Cloud is Best Right Now

Many smaller businesses are struggling right now. With workers stuck at home, it’s not easy for businesses with traditional ways of doing things to make the transition to digital. Unless you have digital channels already set up, communication can be a nightmare.

Landlord Vision operates in the cloud, so you’re good to go from day one. Instead of dropping paperwork off with a tenant or your accountant (and risking your health at the same time), you can work with key people remotely.

No more endless emails and piles of paper on your desk. Work with tenants, accountants, contractors, and more via the platform. All changes are synced in real-time. And if the worst happens and your laptop fries, the world will not end! All data is stored in the cloud, so it is accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Lockdown needn’t be a hassle when you work in the cloud. With Landlord Vision, we have you covered.

Future-proofing Your buy-to-let Business

Eventually, this nightmare will end. When it does finally happen, you’ll be busy, stressed up to the eyeballs, and trying to juggle 500 things at once, just like you were before Covid-19 struck.

The good news is that thanks to Landlord Vision, the future is looking rosy. Managing a portfolio in Landlord Vision saves time and makes landlords’ lives easier.

It’s simple to stay on top of rent payments. Receipts can be scanned directly into the software, making tax returns a doddle. Send out new tenancy agreements with a few clicks of the mouse. Stay ahead of the curve with property maintenance and never miss anything important again.

By getting to grips with Landlord Vision now, once the world returns to normal, you’ll be super organised and ready to make the most of all that extra time. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Get started with Landlord Vision today and do something positive to change your life post-lockdown for the better. Consider this a smart investment in your future, one that will pay great dividends over time.

In the meantime, stay safe, wash your hands, eat chocolate, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out when new posts are published.

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