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Are You Smoke and CO Compliant?

smoke alarm

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Guidelines for Smoke Detectors and CO Alarms – At least one smoke alarm needs to be fitted on each floor of a rental property used as living accommodation.

– Smoke alarms must be in working order at the start of a tenancy.

– Properties with solid fuel boilers, wood burning or multi fuel stoves must have a carbon monoxide detector fitted. A CO detector should be installed in the room where the solid fuel appliance is located.

– Carbon monoxide detectors are not required for gas appliances, but it is good practice to provide them on a “just in case” basis.

– Landlords must check alarms at the beginning of a new tenancy.

Advise your tenants to check their smoke alarms at least once a month to make sure they are working, replacing batteries if necessary. If the smoke alarm or CO detector stops working for any other reason, the tenant should inform the landlord, who can arrange a replacement.

Don’t Wait! Don’t wait until the start of a new tenancy to install smoke alarms and CO detectors. Check your properties now and fit devices where appropriate. Smoke alarms do not need to be hard wired in – you can install battery operated alarms – but hard wired alarms remove the need for the tenant to replace batteries periodically and are therefore safer.


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