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Are You Operating in a Licensing Scheme Area?

Landlord licenses are a contentious issue for many, but love them or loath them, licensing schemes remain a very popular way for Local Authorities to improve standards in the private rental sector. So which areas are currently affected?

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Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets is in the middle of a public consultation process to decide whether landlord licensing should be introduced in various parts of the borough, including Whitechapel and Spitalfields. Landlords in the area are being asked to send their feedback to the consulting team.

Waltham Forest Waltham Forest has had a Private Rented Property Licensing scheme in place since April 1st 2015 and all landlords with private rented properties must have a license to operate.

Rotherham The selective licensing scheme in Rotherham came into force on May 1st and is expected to last five years. Not all areas are affected, but if you own and operate a property in Maltby, Eastwood, Dinnington, Masbrough and South East you must have a license.

Oldham There is a landlord license scheme in Oldham, which was implemented on May 1st, but at the moment only properties in St Mary’s are affected. However, as of July 1st, landlords with properties in Waterhead and Hathershaw will need to apply for a license. The scheme will be implemented in other areas in stages – further information is available from Oldham Council.

New government rules mean that local authorities will have to apply to the Housing Minister if they want to conduct a licensing scheme and it covers more than 20% of the authority’s geographic area.


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