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Are You Letting Properties Illegally?

The Rent Smart Wales scheme is now law, but although 89k accounts were created and 64k licence registrations submitted by landlords, a further 13k licence applications were never completed, which suggests quite a few landlords are operating without the necessary licence.

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65% of Landlords Hit Deadline Of course it may not all be their fault. Carl Sergeant, Welsh Communities Secretary, has admitted that the scheme has been beset with delays, so many landlords may well have given up in frustration. On a good note, the Rent Smart Wales scheme organisers think that nearly 65% of landlords had managed to complete the registration process by the 23 November deadline.

Fines for Missing Deadline If you have missed the registration deadline, now would be a good time to start filling in that form. If you don’t you could be looking at a fine.

“Our team of enforcement officers will be working in partnership with local authorities across Wales and priority for action will be those landlords/agents who have failed to start the process of complying with the legislation,” said an RSW spokesperson.

It will cost landlords £33.50 if they register online, but £80.50 to register the old-fashioned way, i.e. filling out a paper form and posting it. Alternatively, if you use a letting agent, their licence will cover your properties. Once you have a licence, it will last for five years. A single licence covers all properties in your portfolio, irrespective of how many properties you own.

Not all landlords in Wales need to apply for a licence. Agricultural properties, commercial lets and student houses are exempt from the Rent Smart Licensing scheme.


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