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APPG Launches Enquiry into Proposed Retaliatory Evictions Legislation

The Residential Landlords Association has announced that the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is launching an enquiry into the private rental sector in order to assess what impact (if any) Sarah Teather MP’s proposed Tenancies (Reform) Bill will have on landlords and tenants.

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Sarah Teather MP’s Bill is seeking to protect tenants from retaliatory evictions by amending the law on possession notices on assured shorthold tenancy agreements.

What are Retaliatory Evictions? Retaliatory evictions happen when a tenant asks his landlord to carry out repairs on the property and the landlord serves an eviction notice in response. Housing charities such as Shelter claim this type of thing happens all the time, but landlord groups dispute this and say that most evictions are for other reasons, usually rent arrears.

APPG Enquiry The APPG wants to investigate the problem and see what changes (assuming they decide changes are needed) can be made to sort things out.

“The issue of evictions in rented homes is incredibly emotive and needs to be treated sensitively,” said Oliver Colvile, Chairman of the APPG. “Tenants rightly deserve protections from rogue landlords whilst landlords also need protections to be able to swiftly remove tenants who breach the terms of their contracts. With landlord and tenant groups in disagreement over the need for this Bill the Group will seek to reach a consensus on the best way forward that is fair to all sides.”

Any interested organisation can submit evidence to the APPG. Submissions will be included in a report presented to Ministers at a later date.


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