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A Room without a View in the Capital

Available accommodation is in such short supply in London that some tenants are paying several hundred pounds per month for ‘studio’ flats so small that the bed is within reach of the kitchen sink.

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One Small Step from Bed to Breakfast A studio flat in London caused a furore in the media last week when it was revealed that the accommodation was so small that the bed in the middle of the kitchenette prevented the kitchen cupboard from even being opened. In fact the local council ended up stepping in and subsequently banned the landlord from letting it out to a tenant. Despite its obvious lack of amenities, a tenant had already agreed to pay £737 per month to live there, which is indicative of how desperate some people are for a place to call their own.

Rabbit Hutches for Rent in London This tiny flat is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more microscopic studio flats being advertised for rent in London and landlords are not shy about offering tiny shoebox dwellings for more than £1,000 per month, even though tenants could rent a 4 bed house in the north of England for the same price.

Shelter says: “London’s renters are getting a raw deal with flats that are costly, cramped and claustrophobic. The huge cost of private rents in the capital and tough competition for homes means that many renters have no choice but to take the first place they can afford, whether they are in poor condition or far too small for them and their families.”

Even parking spaces are at a premium in London these days. A car parking space beneath the Royal Albert Hall could be yours if you can afford to pay £400,000 for the privilege.


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