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A Guide to Selling Your Home Over Christmas

It’s a common myth that selling your home over Christmas could be a mistake. However, people have much more free time between Christmas and New Year to browse for their new home and many are wanting to make some pretty big life changes for the New Year ahead and so we believe that this season is one of the best for selling your home.

Be Online

You’ll certainly want to make sure your home is visible online during the Christmas season as year on year it’s reported that on Boxing Day there is a substantial spike in properties being viewed online.

Christmas is one of the only times of the year when many families are together and discussions can be had on the potential of moving to a new house, which is what makes this time look so busy. New Year is also a big motivation to many, to make some drastic changes in life or to do something they’ve always wanted. You’d be surprised how many people choose to buy or sell over the festive period, so make sure you’re visible online for them to view your home.

Taking Photos

It’s wise to arrange for your agent to take pictures of your home either before you put your Christmas decorations up, or after they’ve come down. If your home doesn’t sell instantly or you choose to take it down and put it back up at a later date, you don’t want the photos to become outdated. If you need the photos as soon as possible, try and take down some very obvious decorations, or manipulate the angle to hide your tree.

Winter Viewings

It’s rare that people request viewings so close to Christmas, however having a viewing of your home in winter could actually be more beneficial to your potential buyers. Viewing a warm and cosy house on a cold day can help your potential buyer really picture themselves living in the house and therefore give them a more positive experience. Our top tip is to always arrange viewings in the daylight as then the viewer can experience the property and garden to its full capacity.

If you’re thinking of selling your home during the Christmas period, then get in touch with us today by clicking here or calling your local office.


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