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20% of Brits are Still Leaving Spare Keys Hidden in the Garden

A survey published by KeytekTM Locksmiths has revealed that more than 20% of us are still keeping a spare set of house keys hidden in the garden.

Despite numerous police and government warnings against it, many people are still choosing to leave their keys outside their house in somewhat discoverable locations.

Research done by Tesco Compare showed that a massive 73% of burglars use the doors to gain entry into a property; therefore leaving a key under the plant pot is a potentially enticing invitation for the average burglar.

The AA insurance website states clearly: “Don’t hide a spare key outside as burglars know where to look.”

With so many warnings and statistics advising us against it, it is alarming that 20% of Britons are still leaving their keys in what they feel is a secure hiding place.   Of those interviewed:

  1. 2% said they kept a spare set of keys under a plant pot

  2. 6% under a mat

  3. 7% elsewhere in the garden

  4. 6% in the garage or shed.

Leaving the security of the home vulnerable in this way can invalidate home insurance in the instance of a burglary, and the majority of home insurers profusely advise again it.

With many debates on how familiar we are with neighbours in our community, it may also come as a surprise that the survey also revealed that 44% of people trusted neighbours with their spare set of keys.

Eddie Wilkinson, Operations Director at KeytekTM, said:  “Although Britons, on the whole, are more security conscious than they used to be, these results show that many people are still taking big risks with the safety of their homes, by leaving keys in obvious hiding places that experienced burglars will be well aware of.”

He continued: “For a relatively small cost you can have a Key Safe fitted to the outside of your home by an experienced locksmith, this secure box can store your spare set of keys safely without you having to rely on a neighbour or family member to look after them.”

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